Monday, November 16, 2015

Is your office a happy office?

This guy? I would say not happy.
In Forbes, Jeff Boss, author of Navigating Chaos, talks about how happiness is contagious in offices. He quotes Shawn Murphy, author of The Optimistic Workplace, on the types of leaders than can squoosh that upbeat atmosphere.

The blind exec--This one is unaware of how actions, attitude and words impact workplace optimism.

Anti-social--This person is often autocratic, distrustful of people, and skimpy with praise or recognition.

The change resister--Without change...we don't learn, grow, get better.

Those who see only profit--Profit is not the only measure of success.

Silo syndrome--Cannot see beyond his or her responsibilities, especially as to how work affects life outside the office.

I can think of some others...such as:

The scary big boss. Everyone cowers when he or she walks in or cruises around the office.

The favorite-player. This one favors certain people with the praise and good assignments.

The indecisive one. This boss throws every whim and idea at the staff without placing a priority on the projects.

Yipes--glad I work for myself. I am tough, though.

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