Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Jargon--can drag down your career

Work guru Robert Half recently posted on CareerBuilder on the subject of jargon. Metrics, parameters, macros, monetize, incentivize--make it stop!

Of course some technical terms are necessary in business. I used to be in the aerospace industry--we needed to talk about avionics, powertran, perceived noise decibels, and so on.

But in business overall, jargon is so prevalent therer are even lists of banned corporate expressions in some quarters. Bandwidth--dreadful. Synergy--ick. Sea change--do you see an ocean I don't see? Even creativity is getting shopworn. "At the end of the day"--hate that one.

Yes, jargon builds a feeling of community, a secret language. It is shorthand in many cases. It also makes the users sound smart and wired-in.

But--tossing around the buzzwords can also make you sound unoriginal, confusing, alienating, and ANNOYING.

The optics, people--the optics!

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