Friday, November 13, 2015

Please don't infect me

Want to clean that table?
David Spenser, CareerBuilder, writes about the practice of coming to work sick.

The idea has sprung up that only wimps take sick days.

Working while ill is called "presenteeism." You are present but not effective--and you could even lead to more "absenteeism" on the part of smarter coworkers.

People afraid of staying home--even if spewing germs and goo around--think staying home  shows a lack of commitment.

People are afraid of being fired. But coming to work can make them sicker--or keep them working at half-capacity for longer.

A vicious cycle.

Work can be a cure for some of life's ills--such as poverty, boredom, and lack of accomplishment--but it can also consume us and make us sick.

And if you are sick, it may be because someone else came to work sick.

I saw two people last week on "reality" or news shows who were sick but still working and talking to colleagues. Thanks a bunch, if I catch something.

There is no vaccine for stupid.

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