Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Still time to find the perfect holiday job

The good thing about most holiday jobs is that you can't get stuck there--it's temporary.

Matthew Tarpey of CareerBuilder says you may already have one--the "holidays" now seem to start after Halloween, have you noticed?

Since this is often temporary, you can shoot for a job that fulfills your needs. The hours may be crucial to fit in with your other activities. The benefits and culture may be less crucial. You may pick something close to home, for example, and ignore other possible negatives.

Still, you may be hoping this seasonal job morphs into something more permanent. Almost 60% of employers say they may keep seasonal people on... In that case, look at all aspects. Don't be afraid to ask--could this become permanent?

A lot of seasonal jobs are in retail--don't worry if that is not your strong suit (say folding sweaters). There are many aspects to retail--customer service, clerical, management, shipping...Keep your ears open.

The one job that is strictly seasonal? Santa!

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