Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Veterans are great employees

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Veterans know how to work on a team, they have integrity, can perform under pressure, solve problems on the fly, adapt quickly, persevere, communicate, and master technology.

But nearly a third of veterans in a CareerBuilder survey, say they are underemployed, up 23% from last year.


Still, 38% of employers surveyed say they are stepping up their efforts to recruit vets. That's up 5% from a year ago.

What professions are hiring vets the most?

--Customer service (38% of employers cited)
--Sales (31%)
--Production (29%)
--Distribution and logistics (22%)
--Accounting (22%)
--Marketing (20%)
--Human resources (19%)

If you are a vet interviewing for jobs...

Be yourself. Eighty percent of vets say this on their resumes, but 58% think this is not a plus. Emphasize the qualities above.

Despite some skepticism on the past of vets, nearly half of employers say given two equally qualified applicants, they would hire the vet.

Only half?

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