Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What did your profs teach you?

How many of your professors or teachers stick in your mind? Not many? Me, either--but there are a few.

Careerbuilder asked some people what they remember learning from their profs.

Paul Thomas, assistant member in the dept of immunology at St Jude's: He helped Prof Paul Rauca, at Wake Forest, create an iPhone app to help Rauca's son communicate. It was a touch to talk device. He said he learned the power of simple ideas well executed. "Verbal Victor," their creation, has helped many handicapped kids and parents.

Adam Keune, cofounder of Higher Learning Technologies,, said one of his profs used to say, "An A product with a B Team will never beat a B product with an A team." He has focused on getting great people ever since.

Carolyn Smuts, freelancer, said one of her profs said make your career fit into your life--not the other way around. This prof also let her edit papers and keep her foot in the academic door while childbearing. Now she enjoys writing and editing and still has time for family life.

Think about what you might have learned. I remember being hired to do research in the Library of Congress for one professor. I learned to love that place! I later spent many happy hours there researching a screenplay.

In another instance, a professor urged me to do my senior thesis on a certain subject, which I did--and then he asked me for my research materials. He moonlighted for a think tank and was doing a paper on the same subject. Gee, guy. I was a green young kid, but I said, sure, if you pay me. He did. So I guess he "taught" me to stand up for myself.

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