Friday, November 6, 2015

What would you un-invent?

Causing the fall of civilization?
When I read the headline on this story in Nexgov by Robinson Meyer, I thought--nuclear weapons.

But I guess people were thinking smaller.The magazine took a poll of 101 executives, innovators and thinkers...and asked which technology they wish had not been invented.

Yes, nuclear weapons were one of the top two--but the other was selfie sticks.

Runners up:

24-hour cable news

Email (3 people)

Facebook or all socials (5)

The Newsfeed--too often substitutes for a paper or real research



Genetic testing for the masses

Leaded petrol (toxic, leads to lead infused kids)


Selfie sticks (a quarter of those polled!)


Salad Shooter (yeah, worried about that myself)

Weapons of war (10%)


Land mines

Besides nuclear weapons, I hate childproof caps--you need a kid's strong little fingers to open these!
Oh--and blister packs...

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