Tuesday, November 24, 2015

You leave...no, you first

Nine to five expired with the constant presence of phones and email...but when is it OK to actually leave work?

Kit Watchot, in Career Contessa, takes on this thorny subject.

Nearly two-thirds of companies have people who stay and stay, for fear of letting down bosses or the team or hurting their own chances of advancement.

If you are in the "zone" on a project, OK. But is this every day?

It's OK to "pack up your books," as we used to say in grade school, if leaving does not mean missing a deadline, the coworkers have left, or a person you are collaborating with has called it day.

Before going...

--Answer emails with questions, so no one is left hanging.

--Check your to-do list--be sure nothing is missed.

--Say good-bye so no one is looking for you.

Still not sure? Ask the boss (if he or she is still there)--"OK if I get going?"

The way we did it in the old days was when the boss left, we did. It worked fine.

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