Thursday, December 31, 2015

A life well-lived

Yes, you can have a decent life even if you are filthy stinking rich. But you might have to work at it.

Ian Prior, writing in Bank of America's, says happiness and rewarding mean different things to different people.

A well-lived life should not be assessed at the end--but planned for, one of his sources says.

Still, they did a survey and many wealthy people are prepared for normal health care expenses, but not for biggies, such as a crisis of their own.

From the survey:

What is most important in life: Health (98%), family, financial security, connections, legacy, passions, personal growth, giving back, acconmplishments and work. In that order.

How did the respondent rate themselves? Overall health--B, Annual exams--B+, Healthy weight--B, Regular exercise--B, Balanced diet--B, Not smoking--A, Yoga, stretching etc--C, Stress relief--B-.

Only 93% identified as financially secure.

So where do you stand? Do you explore the meaning of life or strive for a life of meaning?

Hint: The latter does not necessarily involve piles of cash.

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