Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Ah, Facebook--how can I quit you?

Actually, I did quit. The day of the IPO. But others I know continue to participate...

But hasn't everyone wanted to quit? Reclaim their time? Not find out weird and embarrassing things about their friends?

Now Cornell Information Science tells us why leaving this pastime is so hard to do.

--Perceived addiction. People who think Facebook really is an addiction, strumming those endorphins or whatever, are more                                                            likely to return.

--Privacy and surveillance. If you used Facebook to manage what others think of you, it's harder to quit and you are more likely to come back. If you think your are being monitored--it's easier.

--Your mood. In a good mood? Easier to quit.

--Other social media may play a role. Say you have Twitter--it may be easier to quit Facebook. But if you really think about the appropriate role of media in your life, you may alter your Facebook--taking it off your phone, reducing your friends, or limiting the time you spend there.

Still Facebook is how some groups stay in touch...and many people love it.

So...if you are being thoughtful about it and it is not devouring your life and you don't care if the govt and companies "spy" on you, play through.

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