Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Attention: Artists

Sadly, artists need day jobs in most instances. According to Caitlin Boho, CareerBuilder, these jobs are usually in retail or food service.

Jennifer Hudson used to sing into her mic at Burger King.

Kurt Vonnegut managed a Saab dealership.

Some possible gigs are:

Personal trainer. You can set your own schedule. And work out for free. Great for actors who are and want to be ripped.

Nanny. Check out websites like SitterCity.com. Again, you can get a flexible schedule.

Freelance photographer. Get a free website from someplace like Wix.com. Take headshots for actor friends. Build a portfolio.

Research assistant. Check with universities and think tanks.

Administrative assistant. Data entry, web research, proofreading, editing.

Or go Passion-Adjacent. Work in a gallery, build sets, be a production assistant,

A job gets you energized and out there. The ideas will flow.

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