Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Hey, kids, math and science for all this Christmas

Melissa Jurist, program manager of K-12 education at the College of Engineering, Univ of Delaware, has some suggestions for kids who love science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

These are the tools real scientists use, she says.

Younger kids (4-6): A stethoscope to check the dog's heartbeat and also their own.

Owl pellets--you an get these online--pick them open and find little mouse bones and other things the owl could not digest and whurpsed up instead.

Magnets are fun--large enough to not be swallowed, even by smaller siblings.

Older kids (7-12): Dissect a chicken leg (this means a scalpel and careful supervision).

Make something out of balsa, a light as air wood, that will hold 5 pounds.

How about a pantograph--learn math from scale--trace a small item and make it bigger.

Check out Arduno and Raspberry Pi--about $50.A huge online community comes with this.

Learn coding.

It's OK for kids to fail, for their structure to aids learning.

And all this also requires a lot of hands-on parenting. So come on, all.

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