Monday, December 28, 2015

Holidays are waning, but home-cooked meals are not

Despite all the indignant sputtering about fast food, consumers prepare five evening meals a week at home.

Home cooking seems to increase slightly with age, says the Institute of Food Technologists. Millennials eat dinner out the most, but not by much.

Over the past five years, the percentage of consumers who like to try new recipes increased by 32%.

Eighteen percent of households use their slow cookers.

Garlic, onion, peppers, jalapeno peppers, balsamic vinegar, chives, and feta are the most popular pantry staples, according to Gallup.

Stir fry dinner kits, packaged meal kits, and heat-and-eat pasta and potatoes are hits with Millennials.

One in four home cooks also wants to keep up traditional and cultural recipes and and dishes.

This is good, right?

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