Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How to get motivated--try to enjoy the challenge

Do you think you guys are the only people I try to get off the dime to do hard things? My own family members need motivation all the time!  I do, even.

It's too easy to slop around, not open bills because you have no money, not take a chance on looking for a new job, put up with an abusive person, and so on.

But one thing I have learned kicking around this planet for many decades is--face facts, see what you are looking at, make some sort of plan...take it one step at a time. Just facing down unpleasant facts can give some relief.

A new study from the Univ of Chicago Booth School of Business (J of Personality and Social Psychology) says once you get into an activity, say your "plan," it becomes a positive experience.

They also found when looking back on an activity, their test subjs tended to underestimate how important it was to actually do it.

Also: Those working out in a gym valued having an enjoyable workout more than those surveyed before working out.

Sooo...where does this leave us... If you have an unpleasant task to face, plunge in, see the satisfactions in each step of doing it, give yourself credit for not being an immature scrub always with your head in the sand.

You stood up! It might even be fun...well, fun may be too strong.

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