Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's c-c-c-old in here

I live in the desert--it is suppose to be killer hot in summer, sort of balmy in winter. It's 32 degrees out. I sit here wrapped in blankets typing with my thin desert blood.

Even in your workplace, I bet there are discussions over temperature.

According to a new CareerBuilder survey, office temperature can be the subject of um...discussions.

Twenty percent of workers say they have clashed with a coworker over the heat or air.

People feel temperature affects their ability to work. It does--the whimpering alone.

So what do people do--according to the survey?

--Dress in layers (44%)

--Drink hot beverages (36%)

--Wear a jacket all day (27%)

--Use a space heater (15%)

--Use a blanket *7%)

You maybe could even more to a warmer space--say the conference room--if your supervisor says OK.

I go the layers and blanket route with hot tea.

A friend who also works at home has an electric blanket for her legs. Sounds toasty about now.

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