Monday, December 21, 2015

Kitchen solutions looking for problems?

What, this old thing?
From the Institute of Food Technologists come some things we can look for in the kitchen of the future.

--Appliances will be wired to monitor their contents and reorder when supplies run low. Products nearing expiration would be moved to the front (how, I wonder).

--Each family member can print the dinner they want using a countertop 3D printer--and the food will be printed out, taking into consideration allergies, likes, dislikes. etc.

--Induction cooktops will heat only the area being used.

--Counters, sinks and cooking surfaces will move up or down at the touch of a button.

--Facial recognition will even do this when a person walks in.

--Virtual chefs will appear to walk people through food prep.

--The kitchen will consult with your fitness system--yes, you need more carbs after a strenuous workout.

--Video monitoring will help you see what's in the fridge.

--Also in the fridge--ultraviolet light to sterilize food, and a blast chiller will keep it freezy.

Golly, I don't know how I manage cooking and eating leftovers, with my one-height stove that doesn't know me from Adam's cat--and just turns on and cooks stuff.

By the way--I don't want the darn appliances ordering things and spending money I may not have.

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