Friday, December 4, 2015

No rest for the weary job hunter

According to Richard Eisenberg, Forbes, many unemployed people knock off the hunt for the holidays, figuring everyone is too busy to worry about hiring.

Mistake--he quotes Susan P. Joyce of as saying.

This is a great time she says.

You can "Netplay"--not Network--at this time of year. Reconnect, Catch up. You will also meet new people at parties.

You may also be able to schedule "informational nterviews" when people are less busy between Christmas and New Year's.

In fact, that week is "magic," says Nan S. Russell, Job-Hunt's loss recovery expert. Sometimes the gatekeepers are not around, but the bosses are.

Tag up with your Linked In connections...congratulate them on a birthday or wish them happy holidays.

If you get a family portrait taken, refresh your online photo--get one taken of just you. (I am guilty of using an old picture...)

Check out old HS or college friends on Facebook. See where they are in life.

Try to connect with recruiters during the holidays--same thing, the gatekeepers may be out.

Send holiday cards to people you have interviewed with.

Volunteer--you never know who may be serving soup next to you.

All of this does not mean you can be a crafty bore asking for a job every place you go. But it does mean you can't just stop the whole process.

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