Friday, December 18, 2015

Santa is all business

Ryan Holmes, CEO of, says the Jolly Old Elf is a tough businessman.

He has maintained a large global operation from a remote site for hundreds of years. His net worth, according to Forbes, is infinity dollars.

--He knows how to delegate. He relies on those elves. He doesn't waste time looking over their shoulders. Mrs. Claus does the baking. The toys are top-notch, the assembly line never breaks down. He saves on clothes and decisions with a uniform.

--Again, he thinks globally and did so before this became trendy.

--He has delivery down pat. All in one night--a supreme feat even Amazon can't match.

--He has tremendous customer support because of his exceptional service. He offers free chimney delivery, although this is a huge pain. You can write him, sit on his lap--he's everywhere.

We can't all be Santa, but Trump (eyeroll) and Bezos can't hold a Christmas candle to this guy.

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