Thursday, December 3, 2015

Speak up during your next review

Sitting down for your annual review can stress your last nerve. Rather than hang your head and wait for blows to fall, how about asking some questions?

Guru Robert Half suggests one question could be: What steps do I need to take to get to the next level? Chances are the supervisor will be impressed with your ambition (what if the next level is her job?).

What are the dept's priorities for the coming year and how can I help meet them? This shows you are  team player.

What skills might I acquire to help improve my performance? The company may even pay.

What are the dept's successes over the past year? If you are flustered over a negative comment, this can shift the conversation to more positve realms.

What can I do to help my coworkers and management next year? This is especially good if you review is good--shows you are invested in the company's success.

Can we schedule a followup? Say you'd like to think about the information you've received and would like to discuss it further.

A review is an opportunity not a bloodbath. You may even get a raise.

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