Wednesday, December 23, 2015

'Splaining gaps in your resume

People, especially these days, do not work straight through--they may be laid off, leave to raise kids, relocate with no new job on tap, take time to buzz over to the Himalayas...any number of reasons.

Katherine Nobles, a contributor to Career Contessa, has some tips for explaining fallow periods in your work history.

--First, get comfortable with your positives and don't over-focus on that gap. What are your strengths, what have you learned from past experiences, how could you help the organization grow? The interviewer may be less interested in the gap than you are.

--That time off--how did it work for you? Did it improve your coping skills, your organizational skills? Did you freelance? Volunteer? Learn a language?

--Be honest and open...though diplomatic. Don't exaggerate or lie. Don't speak badly of another employer. Talk about what you learned about the industry, about yourself.

The point it--think about all this ahead of time...Be ready.

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