Thursday, December 24, 2015

Transformers--giving the gift of leadership?

Autobot or Decepticon? Beats me.
Dunno where some of these stories come from--universities, yes--but do they just try to gin up holiday subjects? Probably.

Dr Peter Harms, assistant prof of management in the Culverhouse College of Commerce, says the popular Transformers toys provide lessons in leadership.

Leaders must lead in unusual contexts, he says--and fighting robots disguised as cars fit the description of unusual context, he says.

Yes--he did a paper, along with Seth Spain of Binghamton University, which will be included in the Emerald Group Publishing's book series "Monographs in Leadership and Management."

They looked at the personality characteristics of the Transformers on the boxes and in the DVDs.

Both the Autobots and their rivals, the evil Decepticons, are more intelligent, powerful, and courageous than their team members.


Intelligence was the one necessary condition for effective leadership. You have to be the decider.


The Decepticons are highly centralized--one leader, few followers. The Autobots and their leaders show a willingness to sacrifice themselves for the team.

The Decepticons are always trying to overthrow the leader.

I am not sure the average 8-yr old will get all this...Maybe subliminally.

Do kids pipe up wanting to be Autobots? No clue.

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