Friday, January 8, 2016

Do you have "recruiters" calling you?

What are you up to, buddy?
I have a friend who's a high-end medical writer and she gets calls from executive recruiters off her Linked In profile. They set a time to talk to her, ask for her resume, then nada...they vanish.

First, you must understand recruiters are not like an employment agency trying to find you a job--they work for the company trying to find an employee. Or they may be trying to get a company as a client. You are grist for their mill--you make money for them. Not the other way around.

Liz Ryan, writing on, says they tell five lies.

--"I just want to hear your story, I have no job specs yet." Ryan says this is not true--no one would waste their time talking to someone without knowing what they were looking for in the person.  The recruiter who says this is adding you to the database. If you feel they are doing this, say, "Do you have a specific client?"

--"I will get back to you this week, I promise." Recruiters blow off clients all the time. Say, "I don't mind sending my resume, but if I don't hear back this week, you can't present me to this employer."

--"I need to know your salary history." Ryan says sure, recruiters would like to know your salary history, but they don't need to know this to present you to a client. They are trying to keep the upper hand. If they insist on a salary history, walk away.

--"The client told me you are not a good fit." They may not have even talked to the client. They might have been hoping your resume will get them in the door, as a matter of fact.

--"You need to trust me." Don't trust people who tell you what to do. Trust comes over time.

Ryan is founder and CEO of Human Workplace. She knows her cookies.

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