Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Highest stress jobs--for 2016

War v bridezilla
Kathryn Dill, Forbes.com, says some jobs just are stressful and all the meditation in the world won't cure it (I added the meditation part).

A place called CareerCaste rated 200 professions by 11 stress factors... Such as travel required, deadlines, public scrutiny, physical demands, environmental conditions, hazards, risk to life, and interactions with the public.

In first place: Enlisted military. Median salary, $28,000ish.


Airline pilots

Police officers

(Not based on risk to life or physical demands):

Event coordinators

Public relations executives

Senior corporate executives


Newspaper reporter

Taxi driver (could some some physical risk)

A couple of these made me look twice. A wedding planner is more stressed than an ER doctor or air traffic controller? A newspaper reporter is more stressed than a movie director?

Well, for what it's worth...

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