Wednesday, January 27, 2016

How to manage robot employees

Artificial intelligence is here, according to Bruno Benton, Nextgov.

Many industries already have blended it into their operations. Robo-analysts offer investment advice. Smart glasses help people repair equipment. Drones take care of crops.

The problem is, AI will increasingly free managers from time-consuming tasks. The "human work" will focus on interpersonal relations, helping staff with problems, and interacting with customers.

Yet, 57% of a sample of 1,700 managers wondered whether they had the skills to succeed in this new role over the next five years.

They also do not trust AI to make business decisions. Fourteen percent of lower-level managers had such doubts, and nearly half of the top managers felt the same.

Companies need to do a better job experimenting with fitting AI into the company. Managers have to see this isn't happening TO them, it's something they control.

For one thing, many managers now consider grasp of technology their number one need in five years--where interpersonal relations might be more important as AI takes over the tech aspect.

Just to get employees to work with robots will require some mad interpersonal skills.

Remember that Bender from FUTURAMA? He was a needy one.

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