Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Is an elderly person you know being scammed?

Most people know by now that the prince in Nigeria isn't really leaving them his money, but there are many other scams, many of which are targeted to the elderly.

Older people answer the door, answer the phone, have money saved, and like to talk or relate to people. Prime marks.

A company called SYNERGY HomeCare has compiled a Senior Scam Alert Guide.


Seniors lose $36/48 million to scams. The average loss is $30,000.

The "illicit eight" scams are:

--Contractor fraud
--Romance scams
--Grandparent scams
--Overpayment scams
--Medicare scams
--Bogus charities
--Prize awards

The aim is to steal the identity or get their paws on the actual cash or gifts.

For every case reported, dozens go unreported. People are too embarrassed.

My mother was waltzed around by a horrible cab driver--he took her to lunch, brought her single roses, and in the end, she bought him a car and a gun. Then we found out--and stopped it.

Be alert.

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