Thursday, January 7, 2016

Nudge your career this year

Are you sick of these rah-rah resolution stories...I am getting tired of them myself.

But--Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder, reminds us of ways to help ourselves this year.

Find a free course and take it. There are tons on Google...try under MOOG.

Give Happy Hour a chance. Socializing with coworkers outside work is usually a positive, not a dreary duty. Just do not overserve yourself.

Take a lunch break every day. You need to change things up, refresh, maybe even walk.

Need more money, think you'd be great for a new project? Ask for what you want.

Take a REAL vacation. It can be good for your career, not bad. Yet many people let their leave go to waste.

Stop saying "sorry" all the time.

And start saying "no." Or at least ask the boss to put the projects loaded on you in order of priority.

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