Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Reasons you coworkers may not like you

Mary Lorenz, CareerBuilder, says think of work as a reality show--you didn't come to make friends. Or did you?

Being dislikeable can hurt your career.

The less likable you are, the less cooperation you will get, the fewer recommendations for promotion, and so on.

So what things make you dislikeable?

--Never sharing the spoptlight. Stealing other people's thunder. Acting superior. Give credit where it's due.

--Never admitting mistakes. Blaming on someone else or covering up--make you disliked.

--Complaining. Negativity pushes others away.

--Anti-social. At least attempt to get into the spirit and participate in some activities.

--Bad body language. Most communication is non-verbal. Looking bored, eyerolling, looking down all the time--not attractive.

--Not respecting others' time and space. Entering without knocking, being loud--all create enemies. Call ahead.

--Gossiping. This can get into bullying. No one likes that.

You don't have to be liked by all--no one is. But try not to be reviled, Lorenz says.

Key to my career--try not to be reviled.

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