Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Self-employment still rising

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Last month, according to John Hall writing on Forbes.com, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said more than 15 million workers described themselves as "self-employed" last month.

There is a marriage between tech advances and layoffs and personal ambition and the desire for more freedom, apparently.

Does this amount to freedom from money? Not necessarily, say the experts. This can be lucrative, but a thorny issue is how to connect independent worker to the work.

When I left the freelance business after 35 yrs, the middlemen were cheeseballs who wanted to pay $5 instead of $500 for a story.

Naturally, this led to a drastic drop in income.

John Hall, the author of this story, claims to have built a strong freelance network in his company Influence & Co.

He cites such current middlemen as Upwork, Total, iFreelance, blur Group, and Guru.

I had some contact with Toptal and was not that impressed--it's mostly software-oriented jobs.

Guru used to be low-bidder..maybe it changed.

I don't really know if this has all changed in the last three years since I went back to screenwriting.

I did try to hire a guy from a service like this to draw a set of my characters and paid what he wanted, although he was being cut in for half of any proceeds. He then complained about the low pay and always claimed he had more important projects.

How not to do this!

By the way, throughout my at-home career, I battled the idea that freelancers worked in their jammies--now you can take up the cause if you want, I have moved on. Some do!

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