Thursday, January 21, 2016

Think you'd be a good air traffic controller?

Laura Pizzo, writing in The Desktop Economist, says there is an air traffic controller shortage as the baby boomers retire and is only going to get worse as more leave.

Will there be enough young people to replace them?

Half of the controllers are 45 or older now. Twenty percent are over 55.

This would seem to be a profession appealing to middle-skill people--at almost $60 an hour. Also, the educational requirements are relatively low--60% have less than a bachelor's degree.

Also this is a profession that really helps people.

People who completed training between 2003 and 2013 were up 151%, with some dips.

But on 2013, there were fewer completions than openings.

Just completing a program does not mean a student will pass the air traffic standardized aptitude test. (AT-SAT).

And the job is high stress.

Are you up to it? How about you military people who did this in the service?

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