Monday, January 25, 2016

Top water cooler health issues

They're well hydrated anyhow.
The Mayo Clinic's National Health Checkup is a poll of sorts on how Americans look at health.

The top resolution for 2016--eat better. Second was exercise more. And third was schedule a wellness visit with the doctor.

Women were more likely than men to say they will do things to improve their health in 2016.

--Eat a healthier diet (80% of women, 67% of men)

--Schedule a wellness visit (70% to 62%

--Get more sleep (67% to 58%)

--See the doctor for symptoms (62% to 51%)

--Take a nutritional supplement (63% to 47%)

--Schedule a milestone screening (56% to 26%)--only a quarter or men will get a colonoscopy

Interesting, people in their 30s were less optimistic than other groups about aging better than their parents.

The survey also show telemedicine is still gaining ground, but most people would prefer an in-office visit.

As for what people talk about by age group:

--20s--Healthy meal options (there's that kale again)

--30s--Maintaining a healthy weight and parents' health issues

--40s--Maintaining a healthy weight and children's health issues

--50s-80s--Their own health issues

That's the truth--that last one. I never thought I would be whining about pain and intestinal problems like all the older people I knew as a kid--but sure I am.

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