Monday, January 4, 2016

Weirdest work stories of the past year

Do I have a secretary?
Workplaces are wacky sometimes. CareerBuilder outlined some off-beat stories of the past year--with the help of their intrepid writer Matthew Tarpey.

To skirt the minimum wage, some German employers paid some of the wage in coupons for salons or charged the employees for their tools.

A convenience store robber gave a store a pass because he recognized the clerk... (Expletive), I know you, he said, and left.

A three-year-old boy became mayor of a town in Minnesota (a raffle, not an election).

A wanted bank robber turned to acting and was recognized in a role by US Marshals.

A pizza delivery guy was delivering to a hospital, when he was jumped and stabbed--but he went to the hospital anyway, turned over the pizza, then collapsed.

An airport worker fell asleep in the cargo hold of a plane, causing an emergency landing.

A man skipped work for 24 yrs and was finally fired--yes, it was a city job.

Ah, humans, love 'em or leave 'em.

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