Friday, January 29, 2016

You will have seven careers in your life

Time to wear a new hat? 
This is what we used to tell people in an employment mentoring program I used to run,

Matt Tarpey, CareerBuilder, says if this is the year you change your focus, you need to get started.

Assess yourself first. Look at your likes, dislikes, talents, past successes--and past less than successes.
Be realistic. Sometimes people do start medical school in their thirties, but it's rare.

Then look at your target market. Pick an industry or job on the way up--not out.

Need new skills to make the jump? Then you need to get them. Explore free online courses, low-cost community college, company training programs, apprenticeships.

Make a list of everything you want from the new career--more money, satisfaction, a different location, new subject matter, to work with a different sort of people, etc. See how options line up with these wishes.

And be patient. You may be in the chosen "business" a decade or longer... Wait for the right fit.

Sure, it sounds easy on paper--but this is a big life decision. I have had basically three careers. They just sort of happened. Would it have been different if I had approached it this carefully. No idea.

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