Monday, February 15, 2016

Companies must alter communication styles

The Boomers are one-foot-out-of-the-door and the Millennials are taking over the workplace.

Researchers at Baylor say this calls for a shift in internal communications style.

The Baylor people looked at information from 32 interviews with companies among the Fortune 100's list of best companies to work for.

Internally, there seems to be the need for more two-way communication between management and workers--not the "Now Hear This" style of old.

PR and Human Relations need to work together.

Millennials have different expectations--they want short messages and the use of mobile communication rather than the memorandum or duddy newsletter of the past.

Millennials also are interested in employer branding--what the company stands for.

And companies need to find ways to gauge employee engagement--page visits, returning visitors, time spent with content, referring sites. Other things to look at: Attendance at meetings and click-through rates for electronic newsletters.

Apparently all this needs to be spiffed up considerably.

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