Friday, February 12, 2016

Disabled and want to be a doctor?

Only a third of medical school websites say they'd accommodate a student with a disability.

Half were vague on the matter.

And more than half made it hard to find out where they stood.

Researchers at the Univ of Michigan Ann Arbor looked into this--and are recommending greater compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act.

The schools to train osteopaths, by the way. were more compliant, but still had some issues.

Disabled doctors tend to treat those with their disability--so enrolling more would help that population.

For one thing, most schools need to update their technical standards or TSs, as required by the ADA.

TSs can include which technologies students can use to counter their disabilities. Amplified stethoscopes, motorized chairs or scooters, and the like. Still, fewer than 10 percent allowed intermediaries, such as sign language interpreters.

Schools are required to do all this. Yet, the researchers found language on some websites that was completely counter to the ADA.

I think these schools can do better...

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