Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Do you have a work spouse?

V-Day is coming up--but what about your work spouse?

Work spouses are members of the opposite sex with whom you have formed an inseparable bond at work, according to Deanna Hartley, CareerBuilder.

They deserve a Valentine because:

--They will always save you a seat next to them at a meeting. You two are probably thinking the same thing as the meeting progresses.

--You like the same TV shows, so can always converse.

--You never had to eat alone at the desk--you have a companion.

--You trust their opinion--and them.

--You have a private language and nicknames for coworkers.

--It is the WORST when this person is out or on vacay.

--You can travel with someone who will take the middle seat or not bitch when you do.

--If you have to stay late, your work spouse may make the sacrifice.

--You can throw shade on the spouse's enemies--and the spouse will return the favor.

--If you have a bad day--the work spouse will know it before you say it and make you feel better. Your real spouse will want to talk about his or her bad day.

I had a work spouse once. Now--only the kitty cat.

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