Monday, February 22, 2016

Executive calls for increase in number of females in science jobs

Breaking the "code." 
Monica Eaton-Cardone, a tech exec, says we can get more women into science jobs by upping the number of women in STEM programs.

STEM, of course, stands for Science-Technology-Engineering-Math.

Wait--what effect does gender have on IT innovation, product design, and production efficiency? As anyone who has been married knows, men and women approach problems differently. If everyone in a group has the same thought processes, you may get the same results time after time.

Just combining men and women can result in different results.

But men dominate IT. Yes, they do--at the moment--even though most people in college in general are female. Men stand up for themselves, grab credit.

Women need to make sure their achievements are brought to the fore and recognized. When women get more of a presence--more women will want to be in these fields.

What does Eaton-Cardone recommend to bring more women into these areas?

--First, encourage more YOUNG women. Talk up math and science at early ages.

--Emphasize the advantages and benefits of technology-based industries. It's best if women enter these fields early rather than transitioning after trying other fields.

It sound simple--but simple does not mean easy. Parents can play a role in making coding and math seem like normal, fun subjects--starting with the very young. Teach your daughters to be forward-leaning, assertive, and above all, crazy good at what they do.

When places like Silicon Valley quit being male-dominated clubs or frat houses, the time will have come.

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