Thursday, February 11, 2016

Help--government getting even more jargon-filled

According to an article by Charles S Clark in Goverment Executive, the US Geological Survey and US Mint topped 30 federal agencies for readable, concise, orderly writing.

The editorial software maker Visible Thread, however, concluded that federal agency website communication is worse than five years ago.

The worst? Agriculture, Justice (FBI), and Health and Human Services. Agriculture's Natural Resources Conservation Service won the booby prize--it got the worst of all.

Smithsonian was third from the top. The Interior Dept was fourth. The Bureau of Labor Statistics and Census Bureau tied at fifth.

The sleuths looked for readability, complexity, long sentences, and passive voice.

Another group, the Center for Plain Language, did show more agencies improving.

So, of course, agencies release more documents to that one.

Sort of off-topic--I got a communication from Bank of America saying the economy was in The Twilight Zone...that was sort of kickin' and not boring.

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