Friday, February 26, 2016

How about that gender gap?

As an early-days feminist (1960s-80s), I keep getting into smackdowns with feminists now who tell me feminism has changed. They are never too specific--it's just different.

CareerBuilder did a survey--what do workers think?

Well, 55% of workers did not believe men and women are paid equally.

Let's go to the scoreboard:

Earning under $35,000:


Earning $50,000 or more:


Earning $100,000 or more:


Women see this--35% of women think pay is equal and 56% of men do.

Yet, women may not want to move up as much. Nineteen percent of women would like their boss's job, 27% of men.

Not surprising, younger women tend to believe that women are on equal footing.

Well, maybe they have us "old feminists" to credit for even this perception, to the extent it's true.

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