Thursday, February 25, 2016

Job security--People will always get sick

CareerBuilder has some suggestions if you want to work in health.

After all, health is one of the fastest growing industries and seems like it will remain so.

So...what could you do?

Nurse anesthetist. Median hourly--$74. Typical entry education--Master's. Expected growth through 2020--21%.

Pharmacist. Hourly--$58. Education--Doctorate or professional degree. Growth through 2020--24%.

Nurse practitioner. Hourly--$46. Education--Master's. Job growth through 2020--28%.

Physician assistant. Hourly--$46. Education--Master's. Job growth--31%.

Occupational therapist. Hourly--$38. Education--Master's. Growth--25%.

Speech-language pathologists. Hourly--$34. Education--Master's. Growth 30%.

Genetic counselors. Hourly--$34. Education--Master's. Growth --35%.

Registered nurses. Hourly--$33. Education--Associate's degree. Growth--18%.

Diagnostic sonographers. Hourly--$33. Education--Associate's degree. Growth--35%.

MRI technologist. Hourly--$32. Education--Associate's degree. Growth--16%.

So there you go--future on a plate. Go after it.

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