Friday, February 19, 2016

New program in the works--RightSkill

RightSkill will be online--but you get
 the idea.
CareerBuilder and Capella Education Company are taking on the skills gap with a new program--RightSkill.

I am sure you have heard that as the almost moribund economy slowly stirs a bit, some employers are saying they have jobs but can't find qualified people.

At the same time, millions are unemployed or way underemployed.

Who should be training up the workforce--schools, employers, or the jobseekers themselves?

How about all three?

So under RightSkill, jobseekers pay for online learning from Capella geared to specific competencies--in 90 days and at a low cost.

From there, CareerBuilder will use its strong ties to employers to place candidates. If you are no placed within 90 days of completing the courses, you receive a full refund.

The program is just getting underway--there should be a website and details in a couple of months, You can keep checking for updates.

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