Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Office romances--where else can you meet people?

If you tire of the hookup apps like Tinder and the produce dept at the store ("Do you know how to cook this kale stuff?")--what's left? The workplace.

A new CareerBuilder study, according to Debra Auerbach, says 37% of workers have dated a colleague--and a third of those led to marriage.

Coworkers have similar interests and knowledge bases, and spend more time together than with others--but this can be tricky.

--23% in the survey dated "up." Women more were likely than men to do this.

But this can lead to other workers thinking the boss is giving preferential treatment (you didn't think this stayed a secret, did you, although a third said they kept it hush-hush).

Also, 17% of office romances involved at least one married party.

And one in four said they had run into coworkers while out with their office fling. Ooops.

The affairs began...

--Late night on the job  (12%)

--At happy hour (10%)

--At a chance meeting off the job (10%)

At lunch (9%)

One in 10 said it was love at first sight.

When things went south, 5% said they left the job.

I had workplace romances back in the day--and I can attest that this is not really a smart thing to do.

Fun, maybe, but not smart.

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