Monday, February 8, 2016

"On-ramping" can help female scientists get back into academia

Pursuing a career in industry or government after getting a PhD used to be considered deadly to having an academic career.

Now, the University of Washington is finding that getting such women back into the university setting has many advantages.

Researchers interviewed 10 women who had returned to university faculties after working in the government or private sector (J of                                                                     Technology Transfer).

These  women were interviewed at the UW Center for Institutional Change between 2009 and 2012.

They found these women needed a good road map on how to re-enter the university setting.

Some universities hire STEM faculty from other universities, but this does not widen the pool of such employees.

Many women out in the private or government sector developed products, not published papers. Some could not speak of their accomplishments, which were proprietary to their employers.

Others fear the male-heavy STEM areas in universities and wondered if this had changed.

But--they also wanted to do more than make a profit for a corporation and welcomed a way to do the world good by working with students.

UW offers development advice, workshops, and in-depth discussions of how such women can transition back to academia.

Sounds good--go to it!

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