Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Will future leaders have good communication skills?

Talk already!
Communication guru Amy Castro, writing in Govt Executive magazine, said the government (but really all organizations) will be trolling the Millennials for effective leaders.

No matter how technnically perfect you are, you must be able to get this across. This requires six skills, Castro says.

--Intrapersonal communication. This is the conversation in our heads--what we worry about, what we tell ourselves about our decisions and ideas. Mastering this can increase self-confidence.

--Emotional awareness and control. We've all seen loss of emotional control on the job--profanity, sarcasm, calling out people in front of others, or people who are took weak to do any of this. Lders must communicate emotion without losing control.

--Interpersonal--One-on-one between two people. This means face-to-face, on the phone, texting or in writing.

--Conflict resolution. Conflict can be a way to get things in the open--but a leader needs to take into account individual conflict styles and how to reap a positive from it.

--Effective coaching and feedback. Feedback is more than a yearly performance review.  It must occur daily.

I would say if your office is full of people texting between desks or cubes, faces staring at screens, passive-aggressiveness such as the silent treatment, and so on--better communication needs to be emphasized.

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