Thursday, February 18, 2016


Manousch Zomorodi, Government Executive Magazine, Feb 10, 2016, says we shift our attention between online and offline every 45 seconds.

Zomorodi does a podcast called Note to Self, and he queried his listeners--65% said info overload affects their sleep. Almost half said it gave them headaches. Thirty percent had an eye twitch.


You could set a goal for information. That goal could be more time for yourself, more creativity, more specific knowledge (cat videos do not count),

You could give up multitasking. There is no such thing as being good at it--the brain does not work that way. Do one thing at a time, one site, one search, one text, one call.

Organize your apps. Delete all that don't bring you "joy."

Make it a point to discuss a topic with someone for seven minutes. That's how long it takes to see if a conversation is interesting or useful. Seven minutes! It can seem like a lifetime.

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