Thursday, March 31, 2016

Do you suffer from FOMO?

FOMO--Fear Of Missing Out.

This particularly affects teens and Millennials.  And it's taking a toll.

At least 24% of teens are online almost constantly.

The average college student spends as much as 10 hrs on his or her phone every day.

And Millennials are especially affected because they have jobs and carreers and feel a rival may NOT be missing out when they are.

"Give me more" and "I want that" can lead to dissatisfaction. Of course, they have studies.

If you have FOMO, you are looking out--to a celebrity, a friend, a Facebook name, a Twitter personality--instead of inward on what satisfies you.

If you are constantly absorbing what others are doing--or wondering what they are up to--you miss out on your own life.

There are a few do-overs in life.

What can you do about this? Try writing down every time you have a negative thought--say a friend is taking a great rip and you're not. Write how you feel.

Ask yourself what can I learn from this knowledge.

And remember--what looks to you like someone else's great fortune may not be exactly that.

You are probably not missing out on anything much.

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