Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Does your boss hate you?

Liz Ryan is CEO and founder of Human Workplace. Writing in Forbes, she says when she was younger she was shocked at how personal the workplace is, If your boss likes you, you will rise. If not, through no fault of your own, you may be held back or thwarted.

People are driven by emotion, she says, to a degree most business leaders would not admit.

Managers surround themselves with people who hold their world view. Not all, but many.

If you seem to be a threat--the knives come out.

Some signs your boss hates you:

--Your job description seems to be in flux--you get assignments, they are suddenly taken away--this is to keep you off balance/

--Your projects and initiatives, once high priority, are languishing.

--Access to the manager, formerly accepted, is now unavailable.

--Coworkers as, "What happened between you and So-and-so?"

--Perks disappear.

--You learn about changes to your workload through the grapevine.

--Your boss snipes at you in email or even before others.

--Your boss second-guesses you all the time.

--You are no longer in the inner circle, are the last to know.

So what can you do if this happens?

First, ask yourself have you gotten everything out of this job you can. Is it worth it to stick it out?

You can ask the boss what's up, but it probably would be clear by now.

Your best bet, Ryan says, is to start a stealth job search.

She says the bright side is if you get in this situation again, you will see it for what it is sooner.

Yeah...some bright side.

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