Friday, March 4, 2016

From part-time to full

Is this you forever?
With the economy creeping to drowsy life in some sectors, some people will be able to promote a full-time job out of one that was part-time.

Matt Tarpey, CareerBuilder, offers some tips on things you must do to migrate to full-time.

Learn the skills. Treat your part-time job as a full-time responsibility--learn all aspects. Don't slough it off as temporary.

Be sure you are adding value--if only part-time. Think about the needs of the business, how you could fulfill those more full-time.

Request more responsibility. Offer to help others if you have time left over. Make it known you can take on more.

Talk to your boss. If you are serious about wanting to go full-time, let the boss know...Or ask, "Do you think this job could be expanded to full-time, does the company ever do that?"

And keep up ties with the rest of the team, as well. If you are helping them, they will be on your team to get on their team.

People do expand a part-time job into a full-time one--give it some thought.

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