Friday, March 11, 2016

Have you heard? The world is changing

Sometimes the old becomes new again.
We older people tend to look at the younger ones coming up as "entitled," or "frivolous," yet many are idealistic, industrious, people-oriented, and have good, solid values.

But as a bloc, they do require a different approach in convincing and marketing to them, according to  Summer Gould, president of Eye/Comm Inc, writing in Target Marketing Magazine, Mar 10, 2016.

Yes, they still have direct mail--although don't you see a lot of two-sided postcards these days? I do.

Gould says you need to pay attention to the images in your direct mail pieces in order to appeal to Millennials. Don't use stock or bland pictures of one man showing another man a piece of paper.
Put your actual employees in the shot.

You also need to be accessible. Is it easy to reach you? Are there many ways to do it--phone, street address, website, Twitter, email, etc.?

Be human--Show your brand in action, with real people.

Be socially aware--show the good things your company does for social causes. How do your employees give back--do you give them time to do coummnity work? Show charities in line with your mission.

Technololgy is also important to Millennials. Put the latest contact methods in your direct mail--codes. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly.

Be informative, not pushy. Use social media.

And remember! Track all responses--what is working and what isn't? This is your database.

And your database is your customer base.

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