Thursday, March 3, 2016

If the govt wants to throw money around--this is good

I am so distressed of late over the lack of critical thinking in the electorate--it's almost as if people don't want facts, don't want conflicting information, won't listen or maybe can't even listen.

I tend to blame the educational system, which does not seem to emphasize the 3 R's anymore--in some schools they don't even teach the multiplication tables or handwriting. Kids can't read a note from Mom when they find one pinned on the fridge.

And above all, I lament the poor reading skills, a widespread disinterest in reading for pleasure as well as information.

So I perked a little when I saw a story from the Cincinnati Children's Medical Center on a program in that city to incorporate reading into pediatric care.

A program called Reach Out and Read partners with doctors to encourage reading at doctor visits and at home.

Imagination Library, another program, is trying to provide each child with a library of books by the time they enter kindergarten--starting with a free book in the mail each month from infancy and up.

Forty-five hundred kids are collecting these libraries.

Studies show that reading TO children helps the brain develop in the area of visualization and keeping track of a story. In other words--listening.

The docs plan to assess reading readiness of the kids involved in coming years. But for me, this is a big YES!

Will there be "text" over 140 characters long or newspapers for these kids to read as adults--different story...

But for now--read read read. And above all, enjoy.

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