Monday, March 21, 2016

It's my job and I'll cry if I want to

First--full disclosure, when I had an office job, I cried a time or two. Or more.

Olga Khazan, Government Executive Magazine, interviewed 15 high profile women about crying at work and the majority expressed negative views.

Khazan maintains there is nothing inherently bad about crying. Even men, in the olden days, cried without restraint.

Crying, she says, is an unexpected emotional cue--like a burst of laughter--but snaps people to attention, as she puts it.

In one survey of 700 people, 41% of women admitted to crying at work in the past year. Women do cry more than men and yes, it's a hormonal thing.

Usually it's not from sadness but from helplessness or hopelessness. Men might react to the same thing with anger.

Crying at work, though, makes some people (men) think you can't handle the pressure--this can inhibit promotions.

Many times, it's involuntary--but almost always people think the female crier is doing it intentionally.

As a rule, women who cry are thought to be emotional, manipulative or lacking in control. If a man mists up, he is regarded as "human."

So there you go--it's a crying shame.

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